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Does Anxiety, Depression, OCD or other mental challenges have you stuck? 
Does your mind play the same story over and over?
Well good news is your not alone. The better news is I can work to show you a better way to live. 


John F Emilio
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I am John F Emilio.

I suffered for many years with OCD and Anxiety, actually since I could remember. Most people think it’s a life sentence. This is the way it is I might as well accept it. Accept it? What does it actually mean? . Acceptance contrary to popular belief is not a giving up and saying there is nothing I can do. Acceptance is empowering, it is realizing yes this is happening but it’s not a life sentence. Acceptance is saying yes I acknowledge this is happening but I still get to choose how to live my life anyway. Acceptance is actually where you start to regain control by choosing the life you want to live in spite of the situation. I learned this after a major breakdown in 2015. I learned acceptance and commitment are the keys that unlock the door to the life you want to live. 

Explore the your relationship with your mind

I have spent many years learning and practicing acceptance and committed action in clinical and spiritual settings. I focus on the language we use internally, externally and committed actions to help rewire the subconscious thoughts by uncovering the voices that keep us trapped in the same old patterns, helping you find your true voice. I call it the Conscious Voice.


College graduate with a BS in Business Management 

Business owner for 25 years in construction, working with people one on one is a strength 

Studied and Practice Acceptance Commitment Therapy which can be coached  

Studied and practiced Eastern Spiritual Modes such as Eckhart Tolle, Sadghuru, Thich Nich Hanh

Completed Multiple Spiritual Retreats 

Certified Life Coach (CLC) (CSC) 


Podcast Host 


Mental Fitness Coach

The Universal Lens
Release stress and anxiety

You know the voice that talks to us...

It reacts to someone’s comments or actions judges, criticizes, compares, boasts, or defeats, us at every turn. We are so accustomed to hearing these voices that we don’t give them a second thought. Are they right? Are they in my best interest? Are they aligned with my values and how I want to live my life? 

Are they actually me or just conditioned responses I unconsciously follow.  All the while you know there is another way you would rather be living life. The bad news is we can’t stop those voices (nor do we want to try to) the good news or should I say the great news is we can chose the voices we want to listen to. 

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