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Hold your words lightly but use them wisely

Our language is very important yet we use it so loosely. We tend to unconsciously use words that frame our perspective which in turn affects our unconscious behavior.

If I was to constantly say this is too hard , I can't do this, or this only happens to me, just my luck , what message are we sending our subconscious mind. What behaviors are we reinforcing?

Alternatively we can choose to use our words wisely. Saying instead, this is challenging but am seeing it through or this is unfortunate but all I can control are my actions and will do so consciously . Do you see the difference? One sets up a negative automatic reaction and the other is empowering and accepting all while not blindly feeding our subconscious mind that self defeating mentality.

Language can be an asset or a determet depending on our awareness . I like to say hold it lightly . Meaning while it can be very helpful to frame situations with helpful language , understand it's just language. Sounds made by our vocal chords and symbols created by man. It is not what defines you. So use it properly but hold it lightly. They are just words. Your actions are what makes the difference in your life.

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