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No Loitering in the past..

The past has its place. It is to be used as a reference when we are making decisions. The issue is most of us get stuck in the past. There should be a sign that pops up when we spend too much time in the past that says


LOL. Whether it's reminiscing , comparing , judging or reliving we can easily start loitering and hanging around in the past. While in the past we are losing something very precious . The present moment where life actually happens.

So here are some pointers for when we are engaged in past memories that you should be aware of?

Are these memories I am engaging helpful?

Do they serve a purpose in my life now?

What I am looking for here?

Does reliving the I MISS THOSE DAYS have any benefit?

Now I am not Insinuating that the past is useless or should never be visited. The past , like mentioned earlier is a great reference to learn from so we can avoid making the same mistake over and over again. It's great to visit memories of our past with family friends and loved ones. Again to visit , meaning stop in say hello look around and then come back to where we are actually living life. As a matter of fact , we don't have control of when our mind involuntarily warps us back to the past. It will do this on its own , at a time It feels fit. Though , we do have control in noticing or being aware that our mind has brought us there . That awareness will prevent us from being stuck in past to long and help make the past useful instead of a trap to get lost in.

Follow along or contact me if you are looking for some personal guidance on how to navigate these issues.

John F Emilio

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